TWK launches ultra-small safety encoder-TRK38

TWK has launched an ultra-compact single-turn magnetic encoder specially designed for safety applications-TRK38, with a diameter and length of only 38 mm, suitable for installation in narrow installation spaces. It has a high safety level: this safety encoder can detect position and speed, and meets the requirements of SIL2 (IEC61508) and PLd (EN13849). Safety-related signals are transmitted through the certified EtherCATFSoE interface.

Compact appearance, but still high power density: packaging has become a key factor in many stationary and mobile machines. TWK's new products are able to meet this demand. The size of the TRK38 single-turn magnetic encoder is only 38x38 cm (diameter x length), so the appearance is very compact. The weight is also very low, about 60 grams.

At the same time, users do not have to compromise on performance. TRK38 detects position and speed in a safe way and can meet the requirements of SIL2 (IEC61508) and PerformanceLeveld (EN13849). The positioning resolution is 16 bits per revolution. The certified EtherCATFSoE interface can ensure the reliable transmission of safety-related signals to the upper-level controller or safety relay, as well as the programming of the sensor.

Compact, robust and safe: customized TRK38 single-turn encoder for safety applications

TRK38 has a very compact size and high-quality design, and its price is also competitive compared to alternative products such as sine cosine encoders and incremental encoders. The aluminum housing and overall design of TRK38 enable it to provide a long service life even under adverse conditions (such as vibration and shock loads). Its non-contact, wear-free measurement principle also makes a significant contribution to this.

With this feature, TRK38 is suitable for various safety applications. Like many products developed by TWK, it is also developed according to customer requirements. They could not find this extremely compact and robust single-turn encoder for safety applications from relevant suppliers before.

TWK is fully prepared for such requirements. Based on a series of comprehensive sensors developed for demanding applications, the developers adjust the relevant basic model parameters according to the individual needs of customers, such as size, housing design, electrical characteristics, interfaces, and those that are usually integrated into surrounding structures. Mechanical and electrical design. This applies not only to traditional sensors but also to sensors that undertake functional safety tasks.

TWK can produce such small batches of customized sensors. The global distribution network creates the prerequisites for close cooperation in the development or adjustment process, and the extremely flexible production allows TWK to consider the individual needs of customers in the sensor production process. Therefore, TWK can develop other models of TRK38, such as other interfaces and communication options.