The integrated level 0 BLDC motor driver reduces the size of the light hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) 48V motor drive system by up to 30%

Texas Instruments (TI)'s new motor driver can make the light-hybrid electric vehicle system reach the ASILD functional safety level and provide a higher gate drive current.

Texas Instruments (T And starter generator). DRV3255-Q1 can help designers reduce the size of motor systems by up to 30%, while providing a higher gate drive current, thereby providing better protection and higher output power. This brand-new motor driver is designed in accordance with the TÜVSÜD-certified functional safety development process of Texas Instruments, which meets more stringent safety requirements and meets the ASILD automotive safety integrity level.

To help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, automakers are increasing the scale of mass production of light hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV). Light-hybrid electric vehicles use a 48V motor drive system, which is conducive to reducing gas emissions from the vehicle's internal combustion engine. Manufacturers can use Texas Instruments' DRV3255-Q1, which meets the functional safety standard, to design motor drive systems, realize light hybrid electric vehicle systems that meet ASILD level compliance requirements and provide up to 30kW motor power, thereby shortening the 48V motor drive system in heavy vehicles Response time.

"The 48V system is a revolutionary technology that can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet emission reduction targets, provide more power for advanced driver assistance systems, and manage high-power loads such as HVAC systems," StrategyAnalyTIcs Asif Anwar, Director of Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety Services of the company said, “Combining advanced performance features with functional safety and AEC-Q100 level 0 standards can provide system-level operating advantages in practice, thereby helping OEMs achieve these the goal."

For more information about DRV3255-Q1, please download the white paper "How to Build a Functionally Safe Small 48V, 30kW Light Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motor Drive System".

Reduce layout space by up to 30%

DRV3255-Q1 is an advanced three-phase 48VBLDC motor driver that integrates high-side and low-side active short-circuit logic, eliminating the need for external transistors and control logic. This new motor driver integrates active short-circuit logic and dynamic fault response, which not only helps designers simplify the design, but can also provide up to 30kW of motor power while reducing the layout space of the 48V motor drive system and reducing the bill of materials cost.

Using the active short-circuit logic function, system designers can flexibly arrange metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) connections according to system requirements and prevent catastrophic system failures caused by overvoltage. In the case of overvoltage, the dynamic fault response will automatically switch the motor driver to active short-circuit mode, thereby optimizing system performance while protecting the vehicle's motors and electrical components from overvoltage stress.

Reduce the response time while protecting the 48V motor drive system from harsh conditions

DRV3255-Q1 has an ultra-high-output power level, which can shorten the response time of the 48V motor drive system so that even for heavy vehicles (such as SUVs and trucks), the driver can accelerate faster after parking. For motors requiring up to 600A current, DRV3255-Q1 can provide a higher gate drive current and directly drive MOSFETs with gate charges up to 1,000nC.

In addition, this motor driver that complies with the AEC-Q100 level 0 standard of the Automotive Electronics Council can also protect the 48V powertrain system from switching transients up to 95V in a wide temperature range (-40°C to 150°C) And load dump impact, thus eliminating the need for protection circuits.

Simplify ISO26262ASILD level compliance certification

With functional safety in mind, the design of DRV3255-Q1 uses Texas Instruments' certified functional safety hardware development process and includes built-in safety mechanisms and documentation (such as failure modes, impact and diagnostic analysis, and functional safety manuals). In addition to the safety mechanism for the internal failure mode of the device, the digital input/output pins can also withstand the absolute maximum rating of 75V, protecting the DRV3255-Q1 from the overvoltage of the external 12V power supply.

Package and availability

Texas Instruments can now provide the DRV3255-Q1 in a 64-pin quad flat package (QFP). Full and customized quantities of tape and reel are now available, but only through There are a variety of payment methods and shipping methods on