Standard self-locking multi-core connector with the positioning pin

The LEMO B series brings modular, ergonomic, robust, and reliable circular multi-core connectors to the market, suitable for applications that require fast and safe plug-in and self-locking. This makes this series an ideal choice for test and measurement, instrumentation, medical equipment, research, and audio/video applications.

Modular mounting board configurations include various high-density multi-core or hybrid electrical pin configurations. Needle core types include welding, crimp, elbow or straight-on PCB, optical fiber, coaxial, thermocouple, pneumatic, fluid, and even high voltage.

The size of the LEMO B series ranges from 00 to 5B and uses LEMO's patented "chocolate block" shell design.

LEMO's positioning pin system can achieve higher pin density while preventing incorrect insertion.

These high-quality LEMO connectors have passed UL certification and can provide cable assemblies.