ADLINK's new generation of high-performance entry-level four-axis motion control cards, combined with the exclusive APS software platform, makes development and upgrade easier


ADLINK AMP-104C is a new choice of motion control cards that support the PCI-Express interface on the market. As a high-performance entry-level pulse motion control card, the pulse output frequency is up to 4.9Mpps.

· ADLINK AMP-104C with exclusive APS-SDK can realize more convenient development and application, and can quickly replace products of other brands with the same specifications.

ADLINK AMP-104C is designed for entry-level automation equipment, suitable for applications in semiconductors, automatic optical inspection (AOI), LCD, PCB, 3C, and other industries.

The world's leading provider of edge computing solutions-ADLINK Technology has launched a new four-axis pulse motion control card AMP-104C that supports the PCI-Express interface, which is the entry-level choice for the AMP product series. AMP-104C can meet the basic application requirements of point-to-point mobile motion control and is very suitable for simple entry automation equipment applications in the semiconductor, automatic optical inspection (AOI), LCD, PCB, and 3C industries.

Performance improved by more than four times

ADLINK AMP-104C brings a new choice to pulse motion control cards that support the PCI-Express interface on the market. The pulse output frequency is up to 4.9Mpps. Compared with other products of the same specification, the performance is improved by more than four times. Excellent performance makes it very suitable for applications such as laser marking machines, soft board reinforcement machines, 3C non-standard equipment, key detection equipment, and screen detection.

Combining multiple I/O and newly equipped with encoder input and position latch function

AMP-104C provides multiple application I/O interfaces, with 58 channels of GPIO and motion control dedicated I/O, and supports more IO control options, such as gas/fluid drive components, solenoid valves, air pressure control components, Vacuum measurement, etc. Exclusively equipped with a 4-channel external encoder input up to 20MHz and a position latch function that supports 8 trigger points and 255 latch points for each channel. In addition, it also provides program interruption mode and software encryption function, etc., and realizes high value-added multi-function applications at an economical price.

Exclusive APS-SDK provides fast and stable upgrades

ADLINK Technology provides a continuously upgraded software development platform for automation products. APSSDK has rich and powerful motion control functions, supporting system platform management, Fieldbus communication, general digital input/output, general analog input/output, and various counters/ Components such as timers work together. With AMP-104C supporting APSSDK, machine manufacturers can use common tools to easily and quickly build and deploy applications, thereby saving the total cost of ownership (TCO) and shortening the time to market.