Unigroup Youshang Group launched a 15KW three-phase two-way charging pile power supply solution based on ST products

On July 20, 2021, the leading distributor of semiconductor components dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, Grand United Holdings, announced that its subsidiary Youshang has launched a 15KW three-phase two-way charging pile power solution based on STMicroelectronics (ST) STM32G474RET6.

ST STM32G474RET6 is ST's new generation digital power control chip, which uses an Arm Cortex-M4 core, the main frequency is up to 170MHz, supports floating-point operations, math accelerators, and high-precision timers. The timer can send out 12 PWM arbitrary waves at the same time, with precision Up to 184ps, while the chip integrates 4 OP, multiple UART, I2C, DAC control, can realize real-time over-current and over-voltage protection.

In order to familiarize users with the control chip and build the basic architecture of digital power, ST also provides the B-G474E-DPOW1 development board, which is based on the STM32G474RET6 design and provides USB3.0, Type-C interface, and comprehensive software The Hal library and various software examples can help users accelerate the design of digital power prototype applications.

Core technical advantages:

Three-phase Vienna, which can realize AC/DC DC/AC two-phase inverter, mainly used for high-power charging piles and other front-end applications;

ST's new generation digital power control chip STM32G474 realizes pure digital control and flexible configuration;

The size of the solution is small, and the frequency is up to 100KHz;

The control chip can output 12 high-precision PWM, and the frequency can be configured with 2-3 level topology.

Scheme specifications:

Three-phase three-level two-way AC/DC conversion;

AC voltage: 380±10%Vac, DC voltage: 800Vdc;

AC to DC mode: PF "0.99, support soft start, suppress surge current;

The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99%;

The main chip adopts ST's new generation digital power control chip STM32G474RET6, clocked at 170MHz, Flash 512K, LQFP64.