LT6411 650MHz Differential ADC Driver/Dual Selectable Gain Amplifier

Product Details

The LT6411 is a dual amplifier with individually selectable gains of +1, +2 and –1. The amplifiers have excellent distortion performance for driving ADCs as well as excellent bandwidth and slew rate for video, data transmission and other high speed applications. Single-ended to differential conversion with a system gain of 2 is particularly straightforward by configuring one amplifier with a gain of +1 and the other amplifier with a gain of –1. The LT6411 can be used on split supplies as large as ±6V and on a single supply as low as 4.5V.

Each amplifier draws only 8mA of quiescent current when enabled. When disabled, the output pins become high impedance and each amplifier draws less than 350µA.

The LT6411 is manufactured on our proprietary, low voltage, complimentary, bipolar process and is available in the ultra-compact, 3mm × 3mm, 16pin QFN package.


  • Differential ADC Driver
  • Single-Ended to Differential Conversion
  • Differential Video Line Driver

Features and Benefits

  • 650MHz –3dB Small-Signal Bandwidth
  • 600MHz –3dB Large-Signal Bandwidth
  • High Slew Rate: 3300V/µs
  • Easily Configured for Single-Ended to Differential Conversion
  • 200MHz ±0.1dB Bandwidth
  • User Selectable Gain of +1, +2 and –1
  • No External Resistors Required
  • 46.5dBm Equivalent OIP3 at 30MHz When Driving an ADC
  • IM3 with 2VP-P Composite, Differential Output:
    • –87dBc at 30MHz
    • –83dBc at 70MHz
  • –77dB SFDR at 30MHz, 2VP-P Differential Output
  • 6ns 0.1% Settling Time for 2V Step
  • Low Supply Current: 8mA per Ampifier
  • Differential Gain of 0.02%, Differential Phase of 0.01°
  • 50dB Channel Separation at 100MHz
  • Wide Supply Range: ±2.25V (4.5V) to ±6.3V (12.6V)
  • 3mm × 3mm 16-Pin QFN Package