Tengxin Microelectronics completed a round of tens of millions of financing to promote the localization of basic IP

On July 6th news, Suzhou Tengxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Tengxin Microelectronics") announced that it has completed a round of tens of millions of yuan in financing. The investor is Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. (refer

"Intelligent Computing Industry Technology Innovation Consortium" was established, announcing the world's first open-source neural network processor instruction set architecture

On July 15, 2021, under the guidance of the China Integrated Circuit Design and Innovation Alliance (ICDIA), the Institute of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University, ZTE Microelectronics, TCL Group Industrial Research Institute, Allwinner Technology,

Infineon launched a new TRENCHSTOP™ 5 WR6 series in the TO-247-3-HCC package, bringing better system reliability

Recently, Infineon Technologies Co., Ltd. (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has launched a new discrete package 650 V TRENCHSTOP™ 5 WR6 series. The series adopts the TO-247-3-HCC package and can realize the rated current separately. With a rich product port

Standard self-locking multi-core connector with the positioning pin

The LEMO B series brings modular, ergonomic, robust, and reliable circular multi-core connectors to the market, suitable for applications that require fast and safe plug-in and self-locking. This makes this series an ideal choice for test and measurement,

Wafer production capacity in mainland China is growing rapidly, and will be able to surpass Japan in one year and become one of the world's TOP 3?

Recently, IC Insights released a data map of chip production capacity in various countries and regions around the world at the end of 2020. The top five rankings are Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, North America, ROW (rest of the world).The pr

Does China need its own chip standards? Can you get up?

IP, which is a legal term referring to intellectual property, is the abbreviation of Intellectual Property in English. In the chip industry, IP refers to those IP cores most of the time, and the definition is the mature design of circuit modules with inde

Imagination GPU was selected by Saifang Technology to help it build a high-performance, small-size, low-cost starlight RISC-V AI single-board computer

The new IMGB series GPUs provide strong support for the RISC-V ecosystem with world-class performance.London, UK and Shanghai, China-February 22, 2021-ImaginaTIon Technologies announced that StarFive, the industry’s leading provider of RISC-V proces

Renesas Electronics and SiFive jointly develop a new generation of high-end RISC-V solutions for automotive applications

April 21, 2021, Tokyo, Japan and San Mateo, California, USA-Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solutions provider, and SiFive, a provider of advanced RISC-V processors and chip solutions, today jointly announced that they will c

The integrated level 0 BLDC motor driver reduces the size of the light hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) 48V motor drive system by up to 30%

Texas Instruments (TI)'s new motor driver can make the light-hybrid electric vehicle system reach the ASILD functional safety level and provide a higher gate drive current.Texas Instruments (T And starter generator). DRV3255-Q1 can help designers redu

ADLINK's new generation of high-performance entry-level four-axis motion control cards, combined with the exclusive APS software platform, makes development and upgrade easier

Summary:ADLINK AMP-104C is a new choice of motion control cards that support the PCI-Express interface on the market. As a high-performance entry-level pulse motion control card, the pulse output frequency is up to 4.9Mpps.· ADLINK AMP-104C with ex

Google will be fined 500 million euros by French regulators

Earlier today, according to foreign media reports, Google was fined a total of 500 million euros by the French government director-general. For specific reasons, Google has not yet made any response and is still under investigation.According to the editor

In the first quarter of this year, Korean companies purchased 30% of global chip manufacturing equipment

On July 14, according to media reports, in the first quarter of this year, South Korean companies spent a huge amount of money to purchase global chip manufacturing equipment, supplying 7.31 billion U.S. dollars and became the country with the highest inv

What is the "dual-core stacking" technology?

In terms of chip design, Huawei has also newly exposed a "dual-core superposition" patent, which can even make 14nm chips comparable to 7nm performance after being optimized.According to the patents exposed by Huawei, Huawei's "dual-core superposition

Smart DDR PHY training technology combining software and hardware

introductionThe DDR interface rate is getting higher and higher, and each generation of products is challenging the limits of technology, and the training requirements for DDR PHY are becoming more and more stringent. This article talks about the challeng

Focusing on integrated circuits, Zhenlei Technology rushed to the IPO of the Science and Technology Innovation Board

The company focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of integrated circuit chips and microsystems, and provides technical services around related products. The company's main products include terminal RF front-end chips, RF transceiver chips, and hig

Texas Instruments takes over the Micron factory, the transaction price is 1.5 billion US dollars

Recently, Micron announced that it has reached a final agreement with Texas Instruments to sell the original 3D Xpoint chip factory for a total transaction price of US$1.5 billion, of which US$900 million will be paid in cash, and the remaining US$600 mil

Faced with the risk of limited production capacity, Yingjixin rushes to take the IPO of the Sci-tech Innovation Board

Capital State learned that Shenzhen Injixin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Injixin") broke through the IPO application on the Sci-tech Innovation Board and was accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 10.Injixin is a high-perform

Xinlai Technology has won three rounds of investment in a row and will start the next phase of research and technological innovation

According to "Financial Graffiti" news, the local RISC-V processor IP and solutions company "Silicon Technology" announced on June 21 that it has completed a new round of financing. This is also the third consecutive capital obtained by Singular Technolog

Upgrade the three-generation architecture Intel processor IPC triple jump in 2 years

CPU performance is far from excessive: frequency and IPC are two-prongedAs the performance basis of PC computers, CPU almost affects the performance of all applications. Nowadays, there are more and more scenes that require PCs. Even if it is office Inter

Ryzen 8000 series processors may enable the "small and small core" architecture!

The concept of "big. LITTLE" may not be unfamiliar to everyone on mobile phone chips. In short, it is to call a small core with low power consumption when the load is low, and a large core with high performance and high power consumption when the load is

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